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St Hilda's

‘Future ready, independent learners’

ERO evaluates and reports on the education and care of children and young people in early childhood services and schools.

ERO Report 2023

We are delighted that all that we care about, hold dear, do every day and work towards, has been recognised and applauded by the Education Review Office team in their 2023 Review of our school. 

This report is a validation of the tremendous vision and dedication of the Boards of Trustees and Proprietors, the continued excellent work, innovation and commitment of the staff and the authentic alignment between what we say, what we do and what we look to develop next. 

ERO’s comments endorse the excellence of the education that we offer, and the supportive living and learning environments we provide that allow our young women to be themselves and to flourish.


We can draw from the following strengths noted in the 2023 Review to support it in its goal to ensure teaching and curriculum are fostering the school values:

  • Consultative school leadership with well-considered approaches to planning and implementing change that supports a culture of continuous improvement
  • Curriculum structures that provide the opportunity for authentic learning in the breadth of the New Zealand curriculum
  • Comprehensive wellbeing and pastoral support programmes that respond to student needs and promote the school values
  • Teachers who use a variety of strategies and approaches to engage students in learning, respond to diverse learning needs and promote critical reflection.

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