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St Hilda's

The St Hilda’s graduate has all the tools to forge her own path, whatever that may be

Academic, Cultural, Service and Sporting excellence are all strived for and celebrated at St Hilda’s.

The St Hilda’s graduate has all the tools to forge her own path, whatever that may be. She’s creative and collaborative. A critical thinker, and a communicator. She’s ambitious. She won’t just navigate the world, she’ll contribute to it. She is a job maker, not a job taker.

Every student is expected to achieve their personal best, and we support them in every way possible. It starts with our teaching staff – all highly qualified specialists in their fields, with a genuine love of what they do.

Of course, we also have to be adaptable to the needs of each girl. Learning opportunities are flexible enough to challenge a wide range of abilities, learning styles, and interests. Students can also follow completely individualised programmes where needed, with choices of subjects and programmes available at every level.

The statistics back up our approach. NCEA results are well above the national average, at every level. Maori and Pasifika students perform well above their peers in schools of similar decile rating.

All students are encouraged to achieve personal excellence;

They may work within their own class on enrichment and individual activities, or accelerate for subjects they’re passionate about.

In the senior school, multi-level flexible study is available, where students can work at different levels of the curriculum as part of a personal programme. Some of our senior students also access tertiary courses to further extend themselves.

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E Learning

It's impossible to ignore the importance of technology in today's world, and the incredible opportunities it provides. We always look to take full advantage, with our students using all manner of digital tools to elevate their learning.

Learning for Life

Whether it’s science, mathematics, or history, the most valuable thing a student is learning, is to learn. It’s a skill that is becoming more and more important, in a world that is changing faster than ever before.

Our learning environment at St Hilda’s is focused on developing individual capacity, critical thinking, and reflective learning. This means we encourage the students to go beyond simply memorising information. They take a step back, really think about it, question it, apply their own insight, and form their own opinions.

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