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Leading and Serving

'She won't just navigate the world, she'll contribute to it. She is a job maker, not a job taker.'

At St Hilda's Collegiate, Prefects support the Principal, staff and students and have the responsibilty of exercising delegated authority. Their role is a significant one, and has evolved considerably since their introduction in 1902.

Along with their high profile, there are many responsibilities that Prefects are given. All of the students at the school look to their Prefect and House Leaders for guidance and leadership.

It is therefore imperative that all leaders have consistantly exhibited the following skills and qualities in the years prior to their selection;

- Qualities of reliability, integrity, self-confidence and leadership potential have been demonstrated

- Has been a role model who clearly has the support of the school community

- Communication skills with both staff and students has been respectful and effective 

- Time management skills, self-motivation and an ongoing ability to work independently have been demonstrated

- Behaviour has been in accordance with school guidelines and expectations

- Positive, enthusiastic participation in school activities has been evident.

St Hilda's Prefects

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