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We have a number of initiatives to encourage our girls to help their community

At St Hilda’s our special character is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that a key part of this is to give service to others.

The St Hilda’s Amnesty International group meets together every Tuesday lunchtime. It is a fantastic way to find out about worldwide issues and contribute to the improvement of social justice. The group is involved in a wide range of activities, from letter writing to baking for local charities.

This involves a group of girls from every year level who like to support the chapel life of the school. They do not have to belong to a church or have any other prior knowledge or experience other than an interest in chapel and a willingness to help out. Girls can become acolytes (carrying the candles into chapel), run the power point, clean brass, do readings, say prayers and generally get involved where needed.

Girls can enter the Bronze level of the award in Year 10.  Weekly meetings are held in Term 1 and the first half of Term 2 until all training for the compulsory expedition is completed. Silver and Gold can also be gained while at St Hilda’s.  All three levels emphasise service, physical activity, learning a new skill and planning and undertaking a practice and final expedition.

Volunteers involved with Healthy Harbour Watchers take water samples once a month from the Dunedin Harbour and process each sample at the University of Otago Chemistry lab, testing for nitrates, chlorophyll and bacteria.  This information is then entered into a database.  It is important work that adds to our body of knowledge about both seasonal and long term changes in harbour water quality.

This is a group of girls who get together once a week with the international students and have lunch together.  It is a great way for the international students to make some new Kiwi friends.

Girls are paired up and are on duty once a week at lunchtime. During this time girls return, issue and shelve books. They also help people find books. The librarian girls work alongside our Librarian.

TeenAg Clubs are set up at secondary schools throughout the country. They aim to show the stimulating and fun side of agriculture to students from all walks of life. It’s a chance for young people to get together with other like-minded people to organize events and activities. TeenAg is all about introducing young people to a range of land based careers and career pathways by sampling roles and experiences within the agricultural industry. The club meets during the lunch break,  twice a term and endeavours to have a fun inter-club activity or field trip once a term. Membership is open to all year levels.

This is run by our Wellbeing Prefects, and is an opportunity for girls to participate in a number of activities to enhance their mental wellbeing. This could be for everyday life, sports, school work or friendships and family relationships.

This is designed for Year 12 and 13 students who set up a company, create real products or services, compile and implement a business plan and make real profit or loss.  Each YES company can also enter national and regional competitions, culminating in the National Awards where the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Company of the Year is announced.

The St Hilda’s Z Club is a group comprised of Year 12 and 13 students who work together to help to “advance the status of women worldwide”. The Z Club endeavors to raise money and create awareness of issues affecting women both locally and internationally.

The 40 Hour Famine event has been running in schools for over 30 years and is a programme organised by World Vision to care for those in our world who are the most needy. Two Year 13 and two Year 12 girls are the leaders of this event and plan school-wide activities to raise awareness and money. Girls at every level of the school are invited to take part in the Famine, choosing to give up food or technology or something else for either 20 or 40 hours and are sponsored as a way of raising money.

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