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We value and celebrate our extended community

Our community is composed of a number of groups who all contribute to the St Hilda’s family.

St Hilda’s is a school that values and celebrates its extended community which is composed up of a number of groups who all contribute to the St Hilda’s family.

Alongside our school staff, boarding staff, parents and students, we have four key groups who all play a special role in the life of our school.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for school governance in support of school management. The Board of Trustees helps to create the vision to take the school into the future while building on the strong foundations of the past. 

Our Board of Trustees members are:

  • Mr Richard Hutchens - Chair, Board of Proprietors Representative

  • Mr Mike Christie - Deputy Chair, Parent Representative

  • Mrs Roseanne Price-Langsbury - Parent Representative
  • Mrs Anne McLeod - Parent Representative
  • Mrs Craig Ashton - Parent Representative
  • Mrs Kate Anderson - Board of Proprietors Representative
  • Mrs Jackie Barron - Principal
  • Mrs Carla Joint - Staff Representative
  • Miss Tessa Sinteur - 2021 Student Representative

In Attendance: Miss Jess Sutherland and Mrs Kirsty Dutton - Secretary


Board of Proprietors

This group is responsible for the school’s building and development. They ensure that future facilities enable St Hilda’s to continue to be a place of excellence.

Our Board of Proprietors members are:

  • Bishop Steven Benford - President of the SHCS Incorporated Society
  • Mrs Jocelyn Kinney - Chairperson
  • Rev Liz Cheyne - Dunedin Diocesan Council
  • The Very Rev'd Dr Tony Curtis - Dunedin Diocesan Council
  • Ms Louise Taylor - Dunedin Diocesan Council
  • Mr Mike Collins - Dunedin Diocesan Trust Board
  • Mr Gene Ollerenshaw - Dunedin Diocesan Trust
  • Mrs Kate Anderson - Country Representative
  • Mr Richard Hutchens - Country Representative
  • Mr Peter Sinclair - Country Representative
  • Mrs Rachel Cockburn - Country Representative
  • Mrs Anna Perkins - Country Representative
  • Mrs Robyn Pannett - Country Representative
  • Ms Nadia McKenzie - Old Girls' Association
  • Mrs Andrea Chisholm - Parents' and Friends' Association
  • Ms Sharon Fulton - Parents' and Friends' Association

In Attendance: 

  • Mrs Jackie Barron - Principal
  • Mrs Ange Rathbone - Director of Boarding
  • Ms Jessica Sutherland - Business Manager
  • Mrs Kirsty Dutton - Board Secretary/Executive Assistant


Tolcarne committee & The Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Tolcarne committee

The Tolcarne committee is a representative parents group from various geographical areas within Otago and Southland. The purpose of this group is to create a direct link between boarding families and the management of Tolcarne and the Board of Proprietors.


Parents’ and Friends’ Association

This is an active group who initiate and organise a variety of activities for parents and school, as well as fundraising activities. This group is integral in creating a sense of community within the school.

Our Parents’ and Friends’ Association members are:

  • Roberta Lawrence - President
  • Linh Ashton - Vice President
  • Jenny Wagner - Secretary
  • Leanne Wright - Treasurer
  • Andrea Chisholm & Sharon Fulton - Board of Proprietors Representatives



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